Interview with Linde Lindstrom: “Call me Linde from HIM”

A famous Finnish guitar-player Linde Lindstrom shared with guests his own music secrets in Saint-Petersburg not long ago. For being a part of this great event we should thank international team of Backstage Secrets. Linde talked with the «students» almost 4 hours. Everyone can ask him any questions. Linde had a few time to take photos with fans and to sign autographs at the end of the master-class. We had a chance to ask him a few questions too. Linde answered questions with pleasure.


Линде Линдстрем (Mikko «Linde» Lindström) в интервью
Kimmo Aroluoma, Linde Lindstrom and Konstantin Korsakov (Backstage Secrets)


EM: Hi, Linde! Do you like to visit Russia? Have you already seen any beautiful sights of Saint-Petersburg?

Linde Lindstrom:  Hi! Oh, I really like your country. And I’m happy to be here once again. I haven’t see Saint-Petersburg yet, but I have a few time to do it.

Линде Линдстрем (Mikko «Linde» Lindström) в интервьюEM: Congratulations with release the Daniel Lioneye’s new album «Vol. III». Do you have any plans to play gig in Russia?

Linde: (smiling) I would love to, but we will see. First of all I should speak about this opportunity with my managers. And then it would be possible.  Why not?

EM: There are a lot of your fans in Russia. So make them happy with your gig please. At least with only one gig, but let it happen!

Linde: Oh, thanks. We will try (smiling).

ЕМ: How do you understand the work is done in process of making new sound?

Linde: It is a big creative process. We make decision all together. Sometimes we vote for one from ten guitar parties. We are one big team.

ЕМ: Can you say us something about upcoming HIM’s album?

Linde: We are on vacation now. We’ll meet in the beginning of 2017. And then it will be clear.

EM: But we read about only «summer» vacation.

Linde: Where you did it? (smiling). The leader of HIM band is Ville. So we will see in the beginning of 2017.

EM: The fans from around the world know you as Linde from HIM aka Lily Lazer. Your real name is Mikko Lindstrom. But you also have another one. It is Daniel Lioneye. So who are you really?

Linde: I think Linde…Yes, call me Linde from HIM.

Eatmusic wants to tnanks Backstage Secrets team for interview and photos.


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