Vanilla Sky above Safonovo

This year rock festival «Safoniy-2015» had a great headliner. Italian band Vanilla Sky is well-known in Russia especially by their cover-version of the song «Zvenit Yanvarskaya Viuga». But also Vanilla Sky has a really great own material, and all fans of pop-punk know that it’s true. We made this interview with Vanilla Sky before their set on «Safoniy-2015» and talked not about music. We spoke about girls, YouTube projects and many other things. By the way, Francesco gave us a new variant of our slogan. The members of Vanilla Sky: Vincenzo «Vinx» Mario Cristi — vocal, guitar; Daniele «Brian» Brian Autore — vocal, guitar; Francesco «Cisco» Sarsano — bass-guitar, back-vocal; Daniele «Zed» Beretta — drums. Jacobo Volpe, drummer of the band was on tour while guys had a set on Safoniy-2015.

vanilla sky

EM: Hello, guys! Welcome back to Russia!

Vanilla Sky: Hello, Eatmusic!


EM: We think all of you already got tired of questions about the music, so our first question will be not about the music.

Francesco: Is’t great! I like it.


EM: When you were young, maybe in your childhood, whom did you want to be and what was your dream?

Francesco: To become an astronaut, but it didn’t work.

Daniele: I always wanted to be a musician.

Francesco: And it worked!

Vincenzo: I wanted to be a pilot, but it didn’t work.

Daniele Zed: I wanted to be a musician too. Francesco: But it didn’t work! (Guys are starting to laugh)

vanilla sky

EM: So, all of you picked up such professions where boys have a lot of attention from girls…

Francesco (talks serious): Only my dog loves me.


EM: As a band you have a lot of girl fans. What advice can you give to girls about how to become a good Italian wife?

Francesco (shows on Vincenzo): He knows.

Vincenzo: I don’t know, because I choose to marry Russian woman. Maybe, Brian knows the answer.

Daniele: To be a nice girl!

Francesco: Keep house clean, to cook everyday…

Daniel: I like to cook too (laugh). So she can be just nice. As for me I don’t like to fight…

Francesco: And of course man needs to be loved!


EM:We think everybody does.

Francesco: True!

vanilla sky

EM: Now we are not in the Russian centeral city. Safonovo is a small town. Do you feel any difference between playing in big cities or in small towns. Not only in Russia but in other places.

Francesco: Honestly, it’s always fun to play in small towns because people have not many ways to go to the concerts and they are more active. For me it’s a nice chance because you find people who wants to see the show.


EM: And what things do see when you come to a new place? For example, you arrived by plain, then sat on the bus, watched all around just from bus window or slept, and that it’s stage already and you see the crowd. Or you try to visit some places. What do you prefer?

Daniele: We would love to visit some interesting places. But sometimes the situation is very stressfull, so if we have long tour, we normally lay down in hotel every single moment. Whenever we have free time or our managers tell us that it’s something superinteresting, we get the chance to go out.

vanilla sky

EM: So, the last question will be not about the food…

Francesco: I like food! Food is good!


EM: Ok, then what is your favorite dish to cook?

Francesco: I’m not great cooker, but I like simple food and my favorite personal dish is tomate pasta, penne rigate.


EM: Do we have chance to see YouTube show from Vanilla Sky about cooking someday?

Francesco: Yeah! Daniele will open his restaurant and we will have our YouTube show.


EM: Nice project! So we wish you good show on Safoniy rock festival, and hope you’ll come back soon! Thank you, guys!

Francesco: Thank you! And do not eat music, just drink it!

Vanilla Sky: Bye! See you soon!


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By Anna Nikolaevskaya, Eatmusic

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